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The publishing house Friedhof & Denkmal

(1media.org) specializes in the digital recording of historical graveyards and cemeteries. On the basis of the inventory data recording of complete cemeteries in particular, we are in a position to integrate comprehensive data in first-class photographic quality in our publications.
Which means our photo documentation represents the ideal basis for scientific, genealogical and cultural studies.
Thanks to cooperation with universities, archives centers and cemetery administrations, our photo documentations not only include high-resolution photos but also detailed information about the respective cemeteries such as e.g. ground plans, names lists etc. In addition to the purely photographic aspect, an independent stonemason and stone sculptor company provides an expertevaluation of the individual cemeteries and gravestone monuments, thus assuring qualified and professional documentation work

Data stocks:

We have made it our task to archive all the cemeteries we have documented not only as pure photographic libraries, but also to analyze and evaluate the gravestones, which are often in acute danger of ruin, and to collect the data in a database in order to maintain the information for generations to come.

We are cooperating on this task with numerous theologians, translators, genealogists and scientists from well-known institutes worldwide. The data is brought together by ourselves and entered into a unique database, undergoing continuous updating and supplementation.

These data records are being made available free of charge to the Leo-Baeck Institute of New York, the Mendel Gottesmann Library in New York and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for long-term archiving.

Ordering possibilities:

Private individuals and clubs can purchase all our editions either through bookshops, our online shop or directly from us.

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