Bingen / Rhein Vol.18

Bingen / Rhein Vol.18 Im jüdischen Friedhof zu Bingen am Rhein befinden sich ca. 640 Grabsteine. In der Süd-West-Ecke des Friedhofsareals befindet sich – etwas höher gelegen – seit 1872 der Friedhof der orthodoxen Gemeinde. Bis 1925 war dieser Bereich durch eine Mauer abgetrennt. Die Dokumentation Bingen Vol.18 umfasst alleRead more

Mainz Denkmalfriedhof Vol.17

„Vol.17 Denkmalfriedhof“ Mainz Denkmalfriedhof Mainz The old ‘Judensand’ Jewish cemetery is situated on a former Roman burial ground, alongside a Roman arterial road. Although a first documentary mention was only made in 1286, this area was already in use as a Jewish burial ground in the 10th century by JewsRead more

Frankfurt (complete, over 17.000 photos) Vol.15

Complete Dokumentation of the main jewish cemetery in Frankfurt Over 17.000 hires. photos on 3 DVD’s . All in 5 MP / JPG Format. Including a 159 page cemetery-book .(PDF). ISBN: 978-3-938454-20-6 3 DVD / BOX   Preis 675.-€

Alsbach Hähnlein Vol.14

Jüdischer Friedhof Alsbach Hähnlein Jewish cemetery in Alsbach Hähnlein. Documentation: Record of all the approx. 2,000 gravestones existent in the year 2006. Scope: Approx. 3,000 photos were taken. Period: October 2006 Location: The cemetery is approx. 1 km outside Alsbach-Hähnlein directly near the B3 road and is signposted from there.Read more

Dieburg Vol. 13

Der Jüdische Friedhof Dieburg The Jewish Cemetery in Dieburg The cemetery is divided into three parts. The oldest part is in the southernmost area and contains the oldest stones, dated 1715. This area used to be entered through an entrance gate in the south wall, now bricked up. According toRead more

Frankfurt Stadtteile Vol.12

Der Jüdische Friedhof Dieburg Frankfurt districts 1) Bergen-Enkheim: A small independent Jewish community settled in the town of Bergen in the county of Hanau in the 14th century. This community owned two cemeteries up to 1933. The „old“ Jewish cemetery was probably laid out in the 17th century. The cemeteryRead more

Köln-Deutz Vol.11

  The Jewish cemetery in Cologne-Deutz. The land left as a Jewish cemetery by the Archbishop of Cologne in the year 1695 to the Jews who lived in Deutz is an area approx. 18,000 square meters in size and is located at what is now known as the „Judenkirchofweg“ („Jews‘Read more

Köln Bocklemünd Vol.10

Cologne – Bocklemuend.   The Jewish community in Cologne is the oldest in Germany, with a history which stretches back 2,000 years. When the Jews first came to Cologne in the wake of the Roman legions, they were taken by the lush green and fertile land of the Rhine Valley.Read more

Koblenz and Neuwied-Niederbieber Vol.9

Koblenz – Neuwied-Niederbieber Neuwied Niederbieber: The Jewish cemetery Neuwied – Niederbieber is regarded as one of the biggest jewish cemeteries in the state of „Rheinlandpfalz“ ,with 661 Gravestones from the 17. century until 1942 This documentation includes all gravestones in high-resolution photos in 5 Mega Pixcel format. Koblenz : DerRead more

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